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Oil Furnace Troubleshooting — Do You Need 24-Hour Emergency Repair?

Turning up your thermostat and discovering your oil furnace never comes on is always unnerving. It's cold outside, and the temperature is dropping inside your home. Is there a significant problem? Is it a minor problem you can fix? Do you need to call for a 24-hour emergency repair?

To answer these questions and perhaps get things working again, here are some tips for troubleshooting a malfunctioning oil furnace.

Tip: Start with the Simple Things First

As with most troubleshooting, start with the simple things when figuring out why your oil furnace isn't working. 

For example:

  • Check the HVAC system's fuse in the home's breaker box

  • Check the oil storage tank to ensure it isn't empty

  • Check to make sure the pilot light on the furnace is still lit

  • Check to make sure the filter isn't clogged with dirt and pet hair

In addition, if you are using a digital thermostat, try changing its batteries. Sometimes a thermostat will look fine, but the batteries are running low, making it malfunction.

These things are simple and should be done before calling for professional assistance. You don't want to pay for a service call only to have the HVAC technician flip a breaker or notify you that the oil tank is empty.

Tip: Press the Reset Button on the Furnace

If you've done all of the above and the furnace still will not start, it is time to press the reset button for the unit. You can find the reset button near the blower motor. The button will most likely be red and should be clearly labeled.

Press the button, turn the thermostat up, and see if the heater fires up. If not, you can try pressing the button a second time. However, if this still does not deliver results, then don't keep pressing the reset button. This will flood the heater with heating oil.

If you don't feel comfortable resetting the unit, it is time to call a professional HVAC contractor.

Tip: Know When a 24-Hour emergency Furnace Repair is Required

Sometimes oil heaters have more complex problems requiring professional repairs. As you can imagine, it's just not safe for homeowners to take apart their oil heaters. However, most repairs are not emergencies. 

For example, if the weather is mild or you have another heat source available, it is reasonable to wait for regular business hours for a repair. However, calling for an emergency repair is warranted if the weather is freezing and you don't have another heat source. 

Finally, if you are waiting for service but are concerned about oil leaking or fire danger, flip the furnace's breaker and turn off the oil supply at the holding tank. These actions will ensure the furnace is safe until it is repaired. For more information, contact a company like B & H Heating.

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