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2 Problems That Can Be Identified And Rectified During Professional Commercial AC Maintenance

As a business owner, you should never overlook the importance of occupant comfort in buildings. A comfortable indoor environment improves the well-being of individual building users while minimizing occupational hazards in the work environment.

The air conditioning system installed in your commercial building plays a key role in keeping your building interior cool and comfortable when summer weather arrives. But it requires regular care to keep functioning reliably and efficiently. 

While instructions regarding AC maintenance may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are some basic things that AC technicians keep a lookout for when you schedule routine AC maintenance appointments.

Read along to find out some of the most common problems that regular AC maintenance can help identify and correct before they lead to more serious AC issues.

Overdue Air Filter Replacements

Your commercial AC system is equipped with an air filter that prevents dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne pollutants from circulating inside your commercial building. This helps maintain good indoor air quality for ensuring the health of your workers and other building users.

Over time, the air filter gets dirty from all the dirt it traps. When this happens, your AC system will experience restricted airflow. This can result in inadequate or no cooling performance at all.

During a routine AC maintenance visit, your AC technician will inspect the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced or cleaned. If your commercial air conditioner has a single-use air filter, it may require a replacement. If the air filter is reusable, it may need to be cleaned thoroughly and reinstalled.

Low Refrigerant Levels 

All air conditioners require refrigerants to deliver cooling performance. Contained inside your AC system's copper coils (evaporator coils and condenser coils), refrigerant is a chemical product that converts easily from a liquid state to a gaseous state and vice versa while the cooling system is running.

By design, your AC system's refrigerant level isn't supposed to drop. During a routine AC maintenance appointment, your AC professional can perform tests to confirm if your AC's refrigerant level is sufficient to guarantee adequate cooling.

If the cooling system is running low on refrigerant, this is a strong indicator of refrigerant leaks. They'll recommend you get the leaks sealed before regassing the system.

Haven't yet scheduled a professional AC maintenance service for your commercial air conditioning system? Talk to an air conditioning services company near you about your needs today.

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