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Beat The Heat And Humidity: What You Can Do

There's no doubt that the heat and humidity in late summer wears on you and your air conditioner as well. Running all season long to keep you cool, then running overtime in those late summer/early fall months, you want your air conditioner to run properly through it all. The downside to a constantly running air conditioner is going to be the energy bill that follows. To help beat the heat and the humidity without emptying your pockets there are things you can do. Read on for tips.

Take A Cool Shower At Night

Rather than showering in the morning when the humidity may be higher, shower at night instead. It will keep the humidity down in your house and can keep you cool throughout the night as well. Be sure to run the exhaust fan when showering and shower with cooler water, rather than really hot water to help cool you down and to keep the humidity down.

Sleep With A Fan

Run a ceiling fan or an oscillating fan while sleeping to keep you cool and night. It keeps the air moving around the room and may help keep you from running to the thermostat to turn it down even lower, which will result in higher energy costs. If you have a whole house fan, run this to help get rid of warm air and pull up the cooler air to upper floors in your home.

Open Up All Of The Vents

Be sure every vent in your home is open to ensure you have proper air flow throughout your home Don't close vents thinking it's going to cool other areas more, this is only going to cause warm areas in your house and make your a/c unit work harder. Open the vents all the way and move anything that may be blocking the flow of air from these vents (such as furniture or drapes).

Cook Outside

Use your oven less in the hot summer months and either cook outside or use that crock pot of yours instead. It will keep humidity down in your home. If you have to use the stove or oven, be sure to use the exhaust fan to remove the humidity. 

Get An A/C Tune Up

Call a professional air conditioning company to have your air conditioner inspected yearly, cleaned and given a tune up. This will help ensure your system runs smoothly without any premature breakdowns. They can spot a problem before they cause an issue for you during those hot-weather months.

The heat and humidity aren't over just yet. Take the steps to stay cool and comfortable during this time without over-working your system and costing you a fortune. Call a professional HVAC company to discover more about how to have your system cleaned and inspected.

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