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How To Check And Repair Your Condenser Hose

If you want to make sure the air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible, you obviously need to monitor the airflow. There is one very simple and vital part of an air conditioning system that can commonly get damaged, hampering airflow. The condenser hose is an important connection between the condenser unit and the ducts within your house. This hose is usually fitted onto a junction on the back of the condenser unit and then a step up attachment is used to connect it to the ducts. Since this hose is outside, it is exposed to the elements and quite vulnerable. This article explains how to make sure your hose is working properly and airtight. It also explains the best way to quickly repair it.

Checking Your Hose

The best way to check if your hose is leaking air is to simply turn on your air conditioner and hold your hand next to it to see if you feel any air. Even though the hose is behind the condenser unit, a lot of things can happen. Debris can fall off the roof, knocking it loose. In rare occasions, you might walk outside and you will notice that either end of your hose is completely disconnected. If this is the case, it means that no air will be flowing into your home when your AC is on.

Even if both sides of your hose are securely connected, you should definitely check the middle two. There is a risk that rodents could chew a small hole in the hose, allowing air to escape. Since the hose is wrapped and rubber, it might be hard to see cuts and slits in it. If your hose does have any punctures in it, it is best to just replace it completely. Using duct tape is definitely only suitable for a temporary fix. To permanently seal the hole and ensure great airflow, you should just go get a new hose. Condenser hoses are cheap and easy to cut and install. You should also buy new hose clamps when attaching a brand new hose.

Changing Your Hose

When you remove the old hose, you should use a flashlight to look inside both the ducts and the connection on the backside of the condenser unit. If either of these fittings is filled with dirt or dust, this is a good opportunity to clean them out. Most likely, you will only need to worry about severe clogging if your hose was completely removed or had a big hole in it. As you can see, most condenser hose problems are easy to fix. However, since it is such an important part of your system, you want to fix them as soon as possible.

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