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Three Advantages To Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System To More Modern Technology

Many homeowners only think about their air conditioning system when something goes wrong, but maintaining the same system for years on end can also be an issue. If your air conditioning unit is still chugging along after decades of reliable service, you are almost certainly losing money and efficiency due to outdated and run-down technology. Even air conditioning units that are only a decade old cannot compete with modern units. If you aren't ready for a total system overhaul, having HVAC services make one or more of these upgrades to your system can still significantly improve your efficiency and possibly reduce your heating and cooling bills as a result. 

Replacing Insulation and Patching Leaks

Some sources of inefficiency are the result of plain old wear and tear, which inevitably builds up in any air conditioning system. This is particularly true for the ducting that runs through your home and carries cold air from your central unit to various rooms. Leaks and the gradual degradation of insulation in your ducting can both lead to the loss of cooled air in transit, forcing your system to work harder to achieve the same effect. Running through your ducting to correct leaks and reline the insulation can be enough to see noticeable savings. 

Re-evaluating the Size of Your System

If you have replaced your central unit in recent years, you may still be dealing with an inefficient overall system as your ducting is no longer accurately sized for your home. More powerful units do not need such large ducts to convey the same amount of cool air, and an over-sized system can be just as detrimental as an undersized one by impeding the velocity of traveling air. You may not need to rip out your entire duct system, thankfully, but you may be able to minimize the discrepancy by installing balancing dampers to regulate air flow. 

Upgrading Your Central Unit

Of course, the fastest way to modernize your air conditioning system is to replace the central unit responsible for generating and distributing cold air throughout your home. Although this is a relatively expensive HVAC service, the older your existing unit, the more savings and improved performance you should see. Newer models are not only more energy-efficient, but they also tend to use more environmentally friendly materials and benefit from all-new components. If you have noticed that your air conditioner is struggling to keep your house cool in the hot summer months, contact your local air conditioning contractors to begin evaluating weak spots in your system and bringing it into the twenty-first century. 

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