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3 Ways To Boost Your Air Conditioner's Performance

Are you paying more than normal to operate your air conditioning system? If so, this can be caused by the poor performance that your AC unit is currently dealing with. There are many ways that you can improve the performance quality of your AC without having to hire a contractor for repairs. Doing repairs yourself is not only more affordable, but can be more convenient, as you can take matters into your own hands immediately, rather than having to wait for a professional to arrive to repair your unit. So, to ensure you are able to improve your AC unit, consider doing your own at-home repairs like:

Restoring The Condenser

If your AC condenser is clogged or dirty, then this can cause a lack of air intake for your AC system. Because of the lack of air that your system intakes, your AC system will have to overwork to compensate for the limited amount of air that enters your condenser. You can fix this issue by using a garden hose to spray down your condenser, as well as us a soft brush to clean off the vents of your condenser. By cleaning off debris and dirt from your condenser, you will be able to open up your system more, which will help pull more air into your system and improve the performance of your AC.

Replacing Your Air Filters

Has it been a while since you last replaced your AC systems air filters? If so, then definitely jump on this and replace the filters in your home. Old, dirty filters can create air blockage, which can limit the air that enters your home from your AC unit. This will not only reduce the amount of cool air that enters your home, but will also reduce the quality of the air as well. So, definitely be sure to improve your air conditioning system by replacing or washing your dirty air filters.

Installing New Refrigerant

Another reason why your air conditioning system may have to overwork is because your home may not be reaching the temperatures that you have your AC set to. This can be caused by your AC not producing cool air due to a lack of refrigerant in your system. By referring to your owners manual, you will be able to find which refrigerant type your AC system needs, so you can install it without issues. New refrigerant will produce cooler air, which will help your AC system get your home to the temperatures that you have it set to, without your unit having to overwork just to reach your preferred home temperature settings. You  may need to have an experienced AC repair technician replace your refrigerant for you. 

By performing these repairs you will enhance the performance of your AC unit, which will allow it to run more efficiently, therefore reducing electricity consumption. This will not only save you money when powering on your AC, but will allow you to get better results when your AC system is on.

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