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How Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps Your AC Avoid Malfunctions Or A Breakdown

There are a few important aspects to air conditioning maintenance. The technician needs to check the system, service and clean parts, and make minor repairs if they're needed. If your AC is in good shape, annual air conditioning maintenance shouldn't take too long, and it helps avoid breakdowns. Here's how AC maintenance helps your AC operate more efficiently while protecting the parts from damage.

Cleaning Improves Airflow

Adequate airflow is essential for an air conditioning system. If the air handler isn't cleaned occasionally, dust builds up, and that can restrict airflow. This could result in less air coming out of the ducts and your house being too warm. One of the main causes of restricted airflow is a clogged filter.

When you have annual air conditioning maintenance, the technician changes the filter if needed and cleans the inside of the air handler, including the blower wheel and evaporator coil. They'll also clean the condenser parts if they need it. The fins on the condenser can get smashed or filled with debris. These should be clean and open so air flows through easily.

A clean AC is able to operate more efficiently. The improved airflow helps the equipment stay a little cooler, and that prevents overheating that could cause parts to malfunction.

Refrigerant Maintenance Keeps The Air Cooler

Air conditioning maintenance includes a refrigerant check. Most of the time, the amount of refrigerant in your system is normal since the system is closed. The only way to lose refrigerant is if there's a leak.

If the pressure and level of refrigerant are low, your home won't cool down as well, so you want to know if there's a leak. By keeping the refrigerant level normal, your AC will be able to cool as well as possible, which you'll appreciate on hot summer days.

Thermostat Maintenance Prevents Malfunctions

The air conditioning maintenance technician might also check the thermostat to clean and calibrate it so it is accurate. They can also check the connections and wires to make sure power is sent properly.

If your thermostat is old, the technician might put a new one in for you. However, the important thing is to make sure your thermostat works properly or your power bill could go up and your house may not cool down.

Your technician may have a checklist of tasks to do and parts to check that they can leave with you when the work is complete. They'll look for all kinds of possible problems just to make sure your AC is ready to go and last through a hot summer without major problems.

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