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No Cold Air From A Commercial Air Conditioner

Do you occasionally hear your customers complaining about how hot it is in your business establishment? It is important to take what you are hearing seriously because too much heat can deter customers away from your business if they are uncomfortable. If you run the air conditioning system but the temperature never cools down to a comfortable level, you are adding to your business expenses. The reason is that your air conditioning system is not functioning in an energy-efficient manner, which is causing you to pay higher energy costs than usual. Multiple problems can cause an air conditioner to not produce cool air, but a contractor can perform an inspection to pinpoint and repair the problems.

When Was the Ductwork Last Inspected?

When you are running the air conditioner, the last thing on your mind is the ductwork. However, you should actually consider how often you have had the ductwork inspected by a contractor throughout the years. The reason is that dirty or damaged air ducts could be the cause of your business not cooling down inside. For example, if there are holes in the ducts or any have become detached, it means that air is leaking out rather than traveling all the way through to the vents. You might need to get new ductwork installed in your building.

Does the Thermostat Look Damaged?

Another problem that could be the culprit of your air conditioning system not cooling off is the condition of the thermostat. A damaged thermostat is a big concern because it is what the system needs to reach the temperature you desire. Do the buttons or switches on the thermostat look damaged? Are they too loose or difficult to move? It is possible that the thermostat needs to be replaced, but a contractor can possibly make a repair depending on the extent of the damage. For example, the thermostat might need to be rewired if it is not properly attached to the wall.

How Old is the Air Conditioning System?

The most common reason for an air conditioning system to stop producing cool air is normal wear and tear. If the system has been installed for decades, you likely need to get a new air conditioner installed. After a contractor has inspected the entire system, they can let you know if it is wise to invest in a new one. Replacing an old air conditioning system will save money by lowering your business expenses.

For more information, contact a commercial air conditioning contractor in your area.

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