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Radiant Floor Heating And Your Home: Why You Should Consider It

When you live in an area where winter months bring cold temperatures, your home heating system choice is an important one. There are many different ways to heat your home, but one of the best is radiant floor heating. If you're considering a new heating system in your house, you may want to talk with your HVAC contractor about installing radiant floor heating. Understanding why radiant floor heating is superior to other options is the first step toward deciding if it's right for you. Here are a few things that you should know.

Energy Efficiency

When you're looking for an efficient heating solution, radiant floor heating may be the solution that you need. Because of the fact that radiant floor heating starts under the floorboards, it allows the heat to rise up naturally. Since radiant floor heating radiates upward across the entire space, your floors release less heat to maintain your home's comfort. That means needing less energy, which makes the flooring a more efficient, affordable solution.

Increased Comfort

Especially in areas where temperatures can get bitterly cold, the floors are often one of the coldest parts of the house. This often leaves you with cold feet or a persistent need for slippers. When you install radiant floor heating, you eliminate the problem of cold floors throughout your entire house. This can help to improve your overall comfort in your house.

In addition, radiant floor heating provides you with consistent, thorough heating across the entire room. This heating method doesn't allow for the cold spots and poor heat circulation that can happen with forced-air heat or radiator heating. That means your home will be more comfortable and evenly heated.

Safe Heating Solution

Especially in homes with children, heating appliances are a serious concern. Radiators and heat registers can get very hot, and can put your children and other family members at risk of burns if they inadvertently touch them. This is a safety hazard.

If you want a safer heating option, that's where radiant floor heating comes in. There are no hot radiators or electric heat registers to worry about, so you don't have any concerns about burn risks. This can make your home a safer environment for your family and your children.

These are some of the reasons why radiant floor heating is such a great choice for many homes. If you're thinking it might be the right solution for your home, reach out to a heating contractor today for more help.

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