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Why Your Gas Furnace Isn'T Keeping You Warm Enough During The Heating Season

Depending on which part of the country you live in, a gas furnace can be a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to heat your home in cold weather. That said, this type of heating system can develop problems from time to time. When this happens, it will need to be repaired.

If your residential gas furnace isn't blowing hot air, here are some typical culprits behind the problem.

Thermostat Is Not Set To 'Auto'

Your furnace isn't designed to run non-stop — it should only run until the desired indoor temperature is reached. The heating system component that is responsible for communicating when your furnace should run and stop running is called the thermostat  — a device that lets you set what temperature you want for your home during the heating season.

The thermostat should be set to 'Auto' so your furnace can stop blowing air once the desired temperature level is reached. If it is set to the 'On' position, you'll have cold air blowing during furnace downtime.

Dirty Air Filter

Like air conditioning systems, gas furnaces rely on an air filter to keep the air clean and healthy for families. Since the air filter eventually becomes dirty from trapping dirt, it will need to be replaced to ensure proper airflow within the heating system.

If you haven't changed your furnace's air filter recently, it can impede normal airflow, thus resulting in a lack of hot air within your interior spaces.

Faulty Pilot Light

The pilot light works like your car's ignition system. If it won't stay lit, the gas coming out of your furnace's main burner won't be ignited. As a result, the furnace won't provide heat. If your furnace won't blow hot air into your home, the pilot light may be faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced. Contact a company that offers furnace repair services for help with this.

Clogged Burner

Gas is a fossil fuel. Over time, the main burner of your furnace can become clogged with dirt and grime, resulting in no gas coming out of it. As there will be no gas to be ignited, no heat will be produced. The solution to this problem is to have the burner thoroughly cleaned.

A gas furnace that doesn't blow hot air is a huge cause for concern because it leaves you and your family at the mercy of winter's cold temperatures. If you notice the problem, contact a furnace repair specialist before it escalates and leads to expensive heating repair bills.

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