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Prevent An AC Breakdown By Keeping Up With Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system needs to be kept clean and in good repair so it can keep you cool without breaking down in the summer. While it's possible parts will wear out, if you keep up with maintenance, you can often prevent costly damage and breakdowns. Here are a few important air conditioning maintenance tasks to keep up with each season.

Start With A Professional Visit

Consider entering a service agreement with an air conditioning service so you can have professional maintenance done once a year before summer starts. A technician can perform services that you're unable to do that will keep the warranty valid. They can service parts, clean internal parts that are difficult to reach, and test your system for proper operation.

Keep The Equipment Clean

An air conditioner has two parts. One part is outside and the other is indoors. The indoor air handler can accumulate dust that causes the equipment to break down. You can prevent this by changing the filter on schedule and dusting around the air handler.

The outdoor unit can get dirty and clogged with grass clippings, tree debris, and dirt. You might need to turn the power off to the condenser and clean it with a hose if it gets dirty between service calls.

Check the Ducts

It's a good practice to check your ducts in the attic occasionally. They should be free of damage and not crushed. If you find a leak in a duct, you can seal it yourself or call an air conditioning technician to repair the duct for you. A leaky duct affects the performance of your AC and it also causes your electricity bill to skyrocket.

Don't Block Airflow

If airflow is blocked in your AC, then your air conditioner may overheat and shut down. Parts might even be damaged. Keeping the filter clean helps prevent this, but you should also keep chairs and rugs away from floor and wall registers.

Outdoors, you'll need to watch the condenser to make sure weeds don't grow up next to it and block airflow. The condenser should have plenty of room around it for air circulation.

An air conditioning service technician usually comes out once a year, but you'll need to keep up with maintenance all season so your AC stays clean and ready to function well. Remember to service both the air handler and condenser. Also, don't forget to have your AC serviced promptly if it makes odd noises or doesn't keep your house cool, as that also helps prevent damage to the equipment.

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