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Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Vents Could Leave Your Home With Cleaner Air And Less Dust

Your air conditioning vents may not need to be cleaned out every year as your AC does, but there are times when cleaning the ducts could make a difference in your home's air quality. Here are some reasons to consider hiring an air conditioner vent cleaning company and what to expect with the process.

When Your AC Vents Should Be Cleaned

The AC vents in your home could need to be cleaned if your house is new or old. New homes can collect construction dust and odors that being circulated through the ducts. Old homes could have years of dust built up inside the vents. A home of any age could have mold or rodents in the ducts and need to have the ducts cleaned and sanitized.

If the air coming from your vents has a bad odor, or if you see dust blowing from the vents, then consider having your ducts cleaned out. If you find a rat problem in your attic or have mold in your AC or attic, you may want your ducts checked to see if they need to be cleaned.

How To Know If Your Ducts Are Dusty

Call an air conditioning vent cleaning company to check your ducts for you. They can use a small camera and pass it through the ducts so you can see if there is dust built up on the walls or evidence of mold or rodent droppings. You might even try looking inside the vent by shining a flashlight in the opening.

How Your Ducts Are Cleaned

You don't have to worry about dust, mold, or rodent droppings being spread through your home when your ducts are cleaned by a professional. Instead, they use equipment that pulls the air outside so nothing blows in your living space.

In addition to vacuuming out the ducts, they use equipment that knocks the dust off the sides of the vents so all the dust and debris is removed. If your ducts have mold or urine and droppings in them, the service may also sanitize the ducts to eliminate odors and kill germs.

What You May Notice Afterward

If your ducts were dirty or filled with mold or rat odors, your home might smell fresher after having your ducts cleaned. If you have allergies, you might notice a reduction in your symptoms once you have cleaner air in your home. There could even be less dust floating through the air and covering your furniture, and that means you might get by with dusting less often.

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