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Top Air Conditioning Blunders You Should Stop Making Today

Most homeowners today rely on air conditioners to cool their homes whenever it's hot. Although these appliances play a crucial role, it's essential to ensure that they function effectively without unnecessarily increasing the energy bill. Knowing some essential tips can help you meet your cooling needs, boost the AC's longevity, and avoid paying high bills. Below are several air blunders you shouldn't make when using your air conditioner.

Leaving the air conditioner running normally while you are away

Do you always leave the air conditioning system running when you leave your house? This mistake can unnecessarily increase your bills. Some people have thermostats, but they fail to program them accordingly, while others just want to find the house cool. Whatever your reason, you should program your thermostat accordingly.

For instance, if you are leaving your home for over eight hours every other day, consider setting the thermostat. But, do not make the mistake of turning the system off entirely as this will waste more electricity. Just increase the temperature slightly when you are away and program it to re-engage half an hour before you get home. Maintaining a cool house requires less power than cooling a hot home.

Overlooking the windows

One of the primary ways heat enters a house is through the windows, particularly when you leave them open. So, you'll need to pay attention to the windows if your AC is running. Ideally, you should close them and ensure they are covered with drapes or blinds when it's hot. In the evening, you can open them to promote the flow of natural cold air. The minimal work the AC does each day, the better. This will also lessen the energy bill.

Selecting the wrong cooling system size

The size of your air conditioning system determines its output and power usage. However, most people believe that acquiring a large or small unit rather than what's ideal for your space is better. They believe that the AC will cool the rooms faster and be more efficient, but that's not the case. An improperly sized air conditioner often results in costly repairs and a short lifespan. For instance, if you have a one thousand square fit house and get a system for a larger home, you will be able to cool the home faster.

Nonetheless, the system will start and stop regularly, which increases wear and tear over time. Similarly, choosing a smaller unit to save money forces the AC to work harder hence reducing its longevity. Make sure you get the right unit size by working with HVAC contractors. 

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