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What Do The Strange Sounds Coming From Your Furnace Mean?

With the winter weather approaching, it is important to evaluate and identify any issues with your home's furnace. At some point, you may begin to hear some noise from your furnace from time to time. While it may not be a big deal, it could be something that requires immediate repair. The following are sounds that are commonly heard in a heating system and what they may mean.

Banging Sounds

If you hear a loud banging sound, it could be coming from the air ducts. Over time, the air ducts can make a loud banging sound when they contract or expand. If the sounds are not overly loud, it is not likely an issue since metal can change shape over time. However, if the noises are very loud, it could be a problem with the furnace components.

Scraping Sounds

If you hear a scraping sound in your furnace, you need to find out what is wrong. The issue could just be a loose component that needs tightening. There could also be damage to a component, particularly the blower wheel. You will need to have either issue checked by your HVAC contractor.

Grinding Sounds

Few sounds are more upsetting than a grinding sound. This sound is likely coming from the mechanism inside the furnace. When the furnace runs, the bearings can begin to wear down over time. This causes friction and causes the grinding noise. If you hear anything that sounds like grinding metal, you need to have it checked right away. Leaving it for a long time will only continue to damage your furnace even more, and could potentially prevent it from functioning at all.

Screeching Sounds

If you hear a high-pitched screeching sound coming from the furnace, you need to call for professional assistance soon. A screeching sound typically means there is a part that is worn out or a bearing may be slipping from its place. Your HVAC contractor will recalibrate any parts that need it and tighten up any slipping or loose components. This will allow your furnace to begin running properly.

Any other sounds you hear that are out of the ordinary needs to be dealt with right away. While some noises may not be anything, you never know how much damage could be happening deep within the system. If you have any questions about your home's heating system, be sure to work closely with an HVAC professional.

For more information, contact a furnace repair service today.

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