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4 Heating And Cooling Tips To Maximize Your System

Any method that can be used to improve the heating and cooling efficiency of an HVAC system is always welcome. In a typical American home, heating and cooling are some of the largest consumers of energy. The amount of energy used for heating and cooling is such a huge concern that it has led to a lot of public debates.

For the average consumer, the main issue with all the energy used for heating and cooling is what it ends up costing them. Therefore, how can average households get the most from their system for less?

Get a System that is Right for Your House

It's no surprise that many people falter right at the start when it comes to heating and cooling systems. Many people pick their HVAC units or heaters based on what they've been using in the past, what they saw someone else using, or what is recommended by someone at the store. 

However, assessing the heating needs of a house is not that simple. Get a cooling and heating services professional like those at Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air to properly assess your needs so you buy a unit that's just right for your house.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans in Winter

Ceiling fans help to circulate cold air when it's hot. However, they can just be as useful in winter. The warm air will tend to rise towards the ceiling, lowering its effectiveness. However, reversing the direction of the fan can push the hot air back down, circulating it for maximum efficiency.

Seal All Access Points

Much of the heating and cooling energy used is lost due to poorly sealed windows and doors. Cool or warm air inside your house is always trying to find a way of escaping depending on the weather. Therefore any gaps, holes or open access points will serve as a route through which the air can escape. Check your windows, doors and all other access points to see if there are gaps through which air can escape.

Keep Your HVAC System Clean

One of the main reason why HVAC systems can become inefficient is because of a buildup of dirt, dust and debris. Outdoor condenser units are among the most heavily affected due to their location, but indoor vents can also have a significant buildup of dust. This dust blocks the movement of air, requiring the heating or cooling system to work harder. Try and keep these systems clean to prevent such issues.

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