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3 AC Issues That Warrant Emergency HVAC Repair

No matter what type of air conditioner you have, it will stop working correctly at some point. There are some issues, though, that warrant emergency repair so that you and your family are not left dealing with uncomfortable temperatures inside. 

1. Low Coolant 

After a while, your AC system will run low on coolant. When this happens, cool air will stop coming into your home. This issue can be addressed promptly, however, when you utilize emergency AC repair services. A technician will quickly inspect the coolant levels to make sure they are in fact low. 

If they are, more coolant will be added in a safe, efficient manner. These emergency technicians can also double-check your AC system to make sure there aren't any coolant leaks present. They'll send a special type of dye through your AC system that lights up when a black light is shined on it. This helps them pinpoint potential leaks quickly.

2. Faulty Thermostat 

There may not be any problems with your AC unit. Instead, the emergency may be with your thermostat -- which can stop working at an optimal rate if it's really old. Thermostats can malfunction out of nowhere, and when they do, you should hire an emergency repair company.

They'll send out a technician who can test the electrical components of your thermostat, seeing what the issue may be. If a replacement is in order, these technicians give you many types to choose from. Whatever model is selected, these technicians will safely set it up and walk you through some of its features. 

3. Frozen Outside Coil 

When your AC unit's coil on the outside freezes up, your AC unit will no longer work properly. In some cases, you may not even feel the air come through the vents inside your home. The reason for a frozen outside coil could be many things, which is why it's a good idea to just hire an emergency repair company to handle this issue.

The moment they show up at your home, they'll turn off your AC system. This allows the coil to thaw out so that the emergency technician can properly assess this issue. Often, the solution involves improving airflow. The technician can achieve this in many ways, such as changing the air filter, cleaning interior ducts, and filling up your coolant. 

There will be times when your AC unit stops working without warning, sometimes in the middle of the night. Instead of waiting for days to receive assistance, you should contact an emergency HVAC repair company like A & E Heating and AC Inc. They can quickly fix many AC complications before they greatly affect your family.

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