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How To Tune Up An Air Handler In A Garage

Is your air handler located in the garage? If so, it might need a little more TLC. That is, air handlers in garage is usually get dirty quicker. Even more importantly, since your air handler is located in a cold area, some of the heat that it creates could be lost before it even enters your home. So, adding insulation to your air handler can possibly make it more efficient. This article focuses on how to clean your air handler, and where you might be able to add insulation.

Keep the Outside of Your Air Handler Clean

First of all, it is important that you try and keep the area around you for this free of clutter and junk. Since so many people tend to store the extra things in their garage, they often end up blocking airflow to the air handler. So, it is always helpful if you remove clutter away from the area surrounding your air handler cabinet. Also, cleaning the outside if the air handler by simply dusting it can be beneficial because it will prevent this dust from eventually getting sucked into the air handler.

Insulate the Air Handler Connector Duct

Homeowners who live in cold climates will know how cold the garage can be. So, even just a short section of ducting between the air handler and walls can be problematic. That is, the hot air coming out of your air handler through this ducting, can be cooled down as it comes in contact with the cold pipes. Ultimately, if you can wrap these pipes in some fiberglass insulation, you can reduce how much of the heat is lost.

Many air handlers there are two ducts connected to it. The duct coming in to the bottom of the air handler is actually the air return. This is where air from the house is sucked back into the air handler. Insulating this section of ducting is usually less important than insulating the section of ducting coming out of the top of the air handler. However, if you do have extra fiberglass insulation, it might be helpful to insulate both.

The actual job is very simple. You just need a roll of fiberglass insulation, duct tape and some scissors. Wrap the fiberglass around the insulate around the two been as many times as you want and tape it down. This might not exactly look pretty, but it is going to be very beneficial.

This project is extremely affordable. For example, in order to wrap 6' of ducting, you might need to use $20 worth of insulation. This is an amount that you can easily earn back after only a few months of reduced heating bills. Contact a heating repair company for more help.

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