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Want Your A/C Unit To Keep Working? Make Sure To Do These Tasks

When you're sitting in a hot house on a summer afternoon, the unit that provides your air conditioning can save the day. To make sure the unit always works when you need it to, do the following maintenance tasks.

Get Debris Out of the Way

One of the things you should do for your air conditioner a few times a week is to make sure that the unit itself is not surrounded by grass clippings, dead leaves, weeds, soil and other debris. Debris can interfere with the fans in the unit and get into the condenser coils, which can interfere with the unit's ability to function.

Therefore, it's a smart idea to check on the unit as regularly as you can to be sure that it is in good shape. Remove weeds and keep any plants nearby trimmed.

Make Sure the Filter is Clean

Your unit's air filter is important because it keeps dirt and dust out of the inner compartments of the unit. When the unit's filter is not properly maintained, it can become so dirty it is clogged. If that happens, the condenser may work less effectively and dirty air can flow into your home.

To make sure this doesn't happen, be sure to check the filter regularly. Use a hard-bristled brush to brush away dust and dirt. If you notice tears or holes, get a replacement filter from any home store.

Check Line Insulation

The coolant lines that go from the indoor rooms out to the unit need to remain intact in order for your air conditioning to work. Typically, these coolant lines are covered with insulation that protects them from the elements. Without the insulation, it is easy for the lines to be damaged and air conditioning cannot happen inside your home.

Take time every now and then to look at the lines from their point of origin to the rooms they go into, making sure the insulation on the lines is intact. If you see fraying or other obvious signs of damage, purchase pre-cut foam sleeves in order to provide additional insulation to the lines so they are not damaged further. You might then want to have a professional HVAC contractor assess the situation to determine what more should be done.

Keep the Condensate Drain Clear

In order for your A/C unit to function the way it should, the condensate drain needs to be kept clear. You can monitor the drain every now and then and remove any debris you happen to see. Periodically, make a solution of bleach and water and pour the mixture down the drain; the solution will prevent buildup from mold and algae.

Make sure you perform the tasks in this article regularly so that when you need to turn on your air conditioning, you can do so without a problem. Talk with your HVAC contractor for more ideas about how you can properly care for your unit and can help you with any needed air conditioning repairs.

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