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Exploring Outdoor Shower Options For Your Yard

An outdoor shower is a unique addition to most any backyard, particularly if you have a swimming pool. If you're looking for that stand-out addition to complete your backyard, this may be just what you need. Here's a look at what you need to know about outdoor shower options to help you choose the right one for your yard.

Outdoor Shower Basics

Outdoor showers come in two basic structures. Standalone shower structures are portable showers that connect to a flexible hose, while wall-mount units are more permanent and connect directly to your home's plumbing. In fact, the most basic of outdoor showers can even be constructed using your garden hose with a fixture at the end of it for water disbursement. Just make sure that you choose fixtures made from brass or stainless steel so that they don't corrode.

Shower Styles

  • Single-hose structures: A single-hose shower system is easy to install, since it typically just uses your garden hose line. Unfortunately, it means you're only going to get cold water. If you're just looking for something for quick rinses, this can be an affordable solution. Additionally, these showers are portable, making them a convenient choice.
  • Pedestal structures: A pedestal shower isn't as portable as a single-hose unit, but they are standalone, so you can install them anywhere in your yard. The advantage to a pedestal system is that it supports both hot and cold water, which gives you more flexibility in your shower.
  • Wall-mounted structures: wall-mounted showers are the most permanent of the designs. These showers are built onto the outside wall of your home and typically plumbed directly into your home's interior pipes. The complete plumbing means that these showers will function in the same way as your interior showers, just in an outdoor environment. Since the plumbing is integrated into the shower structure, though, it means that you need a plumber to help you with the placement and proper installation.

Outdoor showers come in many styles, from wooden structures to tile and poured concrete. With so many choices, there's sure to be one that works for your yard. Whether you're looking for a permanent structure or you want something that's a bit more flexible, talk with a professional plumber, like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, about the best way to get water to the structure. You may even be able to tap into outdoor plumbing lines or make use of an exterior tap to ensure consistent water supply.

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