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Is Your AC Cooling Your Home Evenly? If Not, Check The Thermostat First

One problem that can plague many multistory homes is uneven distribution of cool air. When the AC turns on, the first floor may seem magical, but the second floor and above may feel like a desert. There are many reasons this can happen, and one of those reasons is your thermostat.

Check Your Thermostat to Combat Uneven Cooling

The easiest thing you can do is check your thermostat. It's actually a common cause of uneven cooling and other problems. There are three things you can check on your thermostat.

1. What it's set to – Don't feel embarrassed if you find out the only thing causing your AC to not cool the entire home is that the thermostat is on to the wrong temperature. It can happen, and often does. This is especially true if you have it set on a timer or schedule and forgot.

2. The fan switch – Most thermostats have a fan switch. This switch controls the furnace blower. When set to "auto," the furnace blower will only operate when needed. When set to "on," the blower will continuously circulate air.

This can help cool those second floor and above areas. However, it's important that you remember to switch it back to auto when it's no longer needed. A blower set to continuous movement adds wear to the fan and can increase energy costs.

3. The temperature at its location – In addition to the temperature the thermostat is set to, it's important to pay attention to the temperature of the thermostat's location. Remember that your thermostat is reading the temperature of its immediate surroundings.

If it's located somewhere warmer or cooler than the rest of the house, it will adjust the temperature accordingly. This can lead to uneven distribution of the air. Depending on its location, you can try any number of things to set it straight.

  • Put a fan by the thermostat
  • Open a window, or close one
  • Keep heat sources away from the thermostat

Adjust the thermostat with the room temperature in mind. If the room is generally cooler, then turn the thermostat up a degree or two. If the room is generally warmer, do the opposite.

Is It Your AC?

While the thermostat can often be the cause of uneven cooling, make sure your AC can actually handle your cooling needs. A bad install can create a lot of issues; so too can an improperly sized AC. If you have an old AC unit, you may need an upgrade to something a bit more adequate for your home.

If you can't figure out your uneven cooling problem, speak to a professional about it. A contractor like Perry Heating Cooling can help you pinpoint issues, whether it's the thermostat or something entirely different. They can then give you proper suggestions on what you can do about it.

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