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2 Reasons To Install A Forced-Air Heating System

It can be very difficult trying to decide on what type of heating system is best for your home, mostly because there are so many suitable options available. Forced-air and radiant heating are two of the most common options, with forced-air offering a range of advantages that radiant heating cannot match. Two of these advantages are outlined below.

Warm Up Your Home Quickly

Forced-air heating is the ideal option for you and your family if you want a system that is going to make your home as comfortable as possible in the shortest amount of time. A forced-air system can do this because the furnace will heat the air up before it is distributed throughout your home. This means that the air coming out of your vents will already be warm, which causes the temperature in your home to feel noticeably warmer very quickly.

In addition, a forced-air heating system is not going to leave any part of your home unheated. This is because the system will blow hot air out of every vent in the home at the same time, which leads to the whole house becoming warm quickly.

Reasonably Priced

Another important reason to consider utilizing forced-air heating in your home is that it is often quite a bit less expensive than the alternatives. As long as you already have a duct system in place due to a central air conditioning system, you only have to worry about paying for and installing a furnace. In most cases, installing a forced-air system will cost between $1,330.33 and $1,691.87, which includes the required 8.3 hours of labor.

This is huge difference when compared to radiant heating, which can often cost up to twice as much to install. This is because there is a lot more labor installed, mostly because the technicians or contractors will need to tear open your floors and walls to install the necessary components for radiant heat, then rebuild the floors and walls. That entire process install time for radiant heat is 24.3 hours, which is almost three times longer than it takes to install a forced-air system.

Speak to a heating or HVAC contractor today, like Maryland Oil Company, in order to discuss the many reasons why you should consider installing a forced-air system. These systems are very reasonably priced and can warm your house up to a comfortable degree in a short amount of time.

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