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Preventing Heat Loss In A House: Why A Gas Furnace With A Good AFUE Rating Is Important

Do you want to make sure you are getting the fullest extent of heat from your gas furnace? You may want to invest in a high efficiency furnace, which means it has a good annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. In this article, find out what makes a gas furnace with a good AFUE rating ideal for keeping your heating costs under control.

What is Important About the AFUE Rating of a High Efficiency Furnace?

One of the benefits of having a furnace with a high AFUE rating is that it will prevent a large amount of heated gas from escaping through the flue (combustion discharge area). The furnace will be able to capture the heat that is escaping and send it into your home so it can be used. A high efficiency furnace makes use of as much of the gas as possible, but the amount of gas used will depend on the specific AFUE level.

A high efficiency furnace is also beneficial when it comes to heat loss that happens from water vapors escaping through the flue. What the high efficiency furnace will do is gather the heat out of water vapors before they exit through the flue. You will end up not having to leave your heater running long before a comfortable temperature is reached. Using less gas will show an improvement in what you are spending on heating costs each month.

Keep in mind that even if you invest in a high efficiency gas furnace with a good AFUE rating, it may not be fully efficient if there are other problems with the heating system. For instance, you must also make sure that the air ducts are inspected for cracks. The inspection can be done when your new furnace is installed.

What Does a High Efficiency Gas Furnace Cost?

Depending on the AFUE rating of a gas furnace, you can end up paying as little as $2,500 for a new one. However, the price can rise to $12,000 plus if you want one of the highest efficiency. Your investment will be good no matter how much money you spend, as you will save on heating costs in the long run to make up for it.

Don't allow heat to seep out through the flue and interfere with the efficiency of your heating system. Get in touch with a contractor such as Home Comfort Systems to install a high efficiency gas furnace with a good AFUE rating.

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